Alex - 134.47


My name is Alex, who is this?


Looks like your mic is messed up down there, either that or someone just smashed the control pannel. At my exact frequency. And then hit the call button. Good thinking, Alex.

Okay, whoever is there, I'm gonna assume you're alive and not one of those things. Even though they tend to fuck with anything electronic, and that might explain why your mic is gone and...who am I kidding. I need someone to talk to, even if no one's really there.

It's been...what, seven months? Seven months, three days. Yeah. So I'm just gonna pretend that you can hear me, okay?



I fucked up. I was supposed to launch the ARK and I fucked up. Busted my goddamned leg on a falling hunk of metal. Now I'm just...stuck here. Waiting. For what, I've got no idea. Not like there's anyone else left here. Except you, I guess. Whoever you are.

I...wait. You're alive. And if you got the power back on like then you've presumable got the ability to walk...then you can come up here! You can launch the ARK! Oh my god, I won't have failed! We can actually do this! Okay, listen, you need to come to Omacron, to my office. The main tunnel is blocked off, but you can take the shuttle from sublevel 2. Phi's one of the few stations with a working shuttle dock! YES!

Hopefully we can-

The line goes dark.

You glance outside the door. A sign, reading, "Sublevel 2", it hanging just outside.