Dark Souls Adventure
As the fog door dissolves around you, a horrendous beast fades into view. You can smell it before you can see it clearly, a stench that can only come from centuries of existing in the most putrid of environments. The beast has a bloated abdomen, the size of twenty humans, with stubby feet and a grinning, wicked face with horns sprouting off in every direction. Its skin is a dark, sickly green, matching the tone of its grin. It carries a giant club to match its side, coated in stubby spikes.
The beast charges forwards as soon as it notices you. You sprint to the side, dodging the swing of its club. You stumble out of its dodge and land with a harsh thud. The demon's swing shatters a nearby box, scattering three items across the ground: a beaten short sword, a faded pyromancy glove, and a rusted battleaxe.